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References and projects

Regardless of whether it is a sports car, racing car or motorcycle - as an agency for automotive brands, torpedo motor is the point of contact for advertising campaigns in the field of sports marketing. We oversee a large number of projects for our customers, from classic project management in online marketing to creating websites or brochures to managing social media channels. We also support our customers in creating their corporate identity and fine-tune their corporate design. Our references include the car brand Roland Gumpert, ZUPIN Moto-Sport GmbH, as well as the manufacturers of the motocross and racing oil CLASSIC ADRENALIN. See you on the racetrack!

From the drawing board to success
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Marketing milestones

Together with Tommy Schwarwel we accompanied the releases of the band "Die Ärzte" for many years. Many monumental works were created in our design agency.
Later, a community was formed under Tim Renner that produced many German artists such as Rammstein and that we, as a design agency, looked after.
As a marketing partner, torpedo Leipzig was in charge of the epic blockbuster Hunger Games from the very beginning. In the beginning in cooperation with Kinowelt GmbH, we later supported Studiocanal cinema films as an advertising agency with animated posters, several microsites and competition websites, right up to the development of countless web banners.
Unforgotten are these and other projects which are milestones of our Agency history. After many years they are still first-class evidence of our expertise in the areas of project management, brand communication and social media.
We at Torpedo are proud to have helped as a marketing agency.

Leipzig most famous painter meets Leipzig marketing.
Finest movie theater advertising
Pretty cool movie theater campaigns
Special designs for special theaters
International Short Film FestivalInternational Short Film Festival
Pioneering on the web with Tim Renner
The most famous station for people under 25
Digital expertise and animated light shows
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