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How do you make it to Wikipedia and win photography awards with a steel casting plant? The steel and cast iron works in Bösdorf is located in a very special place, one that no longer exists. The company has even more superlatives to offer and we consistently used these qualities for their online reference. Because the factory's workshop is quite impressive and the chimney of the planned heating and power plant, which has never been put into operation, is the tallest building in Leipzig and now serves as a broad-radiating radio tower. That is enough for a [Wikipedia entry] ( - a fact that helps us with the SEO work for the company. In addition to this, we are further developing the corporate design for SHB, introducing a new identity and creating our own visual language, with which we and SHB won several specialist photo awards in the industry. The plant stands for Saxony's industrial competence in matters of quality casting and steel technology. New machines and systems were the reason for hiring torpedo to also visually refresh the company's appearance. For this we revised the corporate design, the logo and realized a shoot of the new systems as well as some new cast steel products. Our commitment was once again recognized with a photo award in the foundry magazine. In the same year we also helped organize the company celebration with an event concept. We ensure cast steel is in top form.

  • Concept for the revision of the corporate design
  • photo shoot in the factory
  • organization of events and company celebrations
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