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This is how we roll

When motor passion and the roots of music, entertainment and corporate development come together, the result is a highly explosive mixture. So if you have a product close to your heart and soul, if you want to take something to an extreme where others don't dare, if you have achievements that you are proud of and want to go further than others, then we are happy to tell your story. Our office, the [Karlsfactory] (, is located in the middle of the cultural and pulsating heart of Leipzig, directly on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, between the city center and the city's famous southern mile. For us, it is a privilege and pleasure to work where students and creative people like to spend their time. Together with [sofistiq] ( "sofistiq international") we founded the workspace Karlsfactory with the subheading "Home of Advanced Marketing". Why? It's simple: Our basis is a method [rep: grid] ( "the rep: grid") (Repertory Grid Technique), which allows a little glimpse into the crystal ball. It is amazing what you will find.

The torpedo history

A river needs many sources - we can fully relate to this. In the beginning there was the music and the enthusiasm of a very young agency for everything that came with these great and monumental band productions. Here you can find out how the story progressed.

The whole story

We would not be what we are today without our team members, friends and partners. They are our co-drivers through thick and thin. In 20 years we have seen and experienced a lot of hypes, one-offs, fast-moving business strategies, synergy experiments and "You absolutely have to do this" fancy things. We can tell a lot about it, including what defines nice agency work: approaching tasks with creativity, foresight and enjoying change, and mastering them jointly. We have had most of our partners and friends in the torpedo motor network for a very, very long time.

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