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The company stands for a completely new process in which cast steel parts are cast in extremely filigree shapes, with maximum strength, in a previously unprecedented stability and weight ratio. This brings a completely new standard for cast parts into the race, especially in the automotive industry, for the production of rims, but also in other industries. With their unique process, DST has pushed the boundaries of physics in steel casting. It is now up to us to push the boundaries of attention for this kind of production. Innovative technology processes simply fit torpedo motor. With the identity development from EVOSTEEL evolutionary Steelcasting, we have achieved this impressively while gaining global attention. The busy engineers and inventors of the process, themselves based in Saxony, commissioned torpedo motor for all communication topics, CI development and for an image film. Our services also included the development of the name, the logo, the visual language, an image folder, product shoots, a digital company presentation, the corporate identity, media relations and the supervision of the trade fair appearance. For the shoots we received the photo award from the foundry magazine. Welcome to steel 2.0!

  • Photo shoots and product photography, especially of the cast parts and the factory hall
  • Development of a new corporate identity including an extensive user guide
  • Name development and logo design
  • Creation of a visual language and corporate language
  • Design of the image folder
  • Creation and implementation of image films
  • Planning and implementation of events in the factory
  • Concept and production of the exhibition stands
  • Media relations and drafting of the press releases
Marketing in Stahl gegossenMarketing in Stahl gegossenMarketing in Stahl gegossenMarketing in Stahl gegossenMarketing in Stahl gegossen
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