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How do you create an entirely new auto parts brand? And in such a way that it is credible, authentic and personable? Quite simply: you do something completely new! The online retailer for auto parts and accessories Mr. Rasch from Saxony demanded the concentrated digital competence of torpedo motor and got it. Mr. Rasch was born and the slogan "Mr.Rasch - get your car parts quickly" breathed life into this brand name and made optimal use of the target market's language codes to communicate the new brand. The customer should notice that he is dealing with people whose expertise goes far beyond the sale of any car parts. Here torpedo was able to shine with an extraordinary viral YouTube campaign for the online auto parts shop, which dramatically, but also coupled with a pinch of salt, drove the service and commitment of employees to extremes in creative films and ensured amazing returns in click rates and awareness. In addition, we naturally took care of the development of the logo, claim and CI, strategic online advice, SEO Adword placement and the design of banners. So Mr. Rasch got the creative and strategic all-round package from torpedo motor and still does well with it to this day. Everything talks car here - for the best-looking auto parts trade in the country.

  • Strategic consultancy for online marketing
  • Coporate design
  • Brand development including logo and claim
  • Development of vehicle wrapping
  • Installation of technical repair tips in the online shop
  • Concept, direction and shooting of online commercials
  • Image films and commercials including storyboard
  • Design of print advertisements and posters
Storyboard Werbespot
Storyboard Werbespot
Storyboard Werbespot
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Regie und Dreh Werbespots
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