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Our world should become more safer, greener and more worth living in. New solutions to transform our cities play a significant role so that everyone feels comfortable and good enjoyable co-existence is ensured. Our partner greensystems, as a supplier of street furniture such as bicycle stands, canopies, park benches and playground equipment, is also adapting to the demand and taking a step ahead with us towards the spirit of the times. Thus, we developed a completely new corporate design for greensystems, which not only works perfectly in print media, but also stands out and has an ideal effect in the digital market. In addition, we documented the visual elements as well as exemplary use cases in the form of a corporate design manual. As a result of this, the product photo quality was significantly enhanced. In an online world in which stock material and standard photos are completely overused, greensystems was able to achieve a unique selling point by using self-made image material of the highest standards, which is also increases the sales figures in the long term. This was followed by the rebranding of all media and a relaunch of the webshop with a fresher and cleaner look. We thus created the green thread for green solutions and optimally equipped an established brand for the future on the market. A sustainable success all along the line, for which we enjoy working and which makes us proud. This was followed by the rebranding of all media and a relaunch of the webshop in a new look as well as a whole new marleting campagin featuring all new brand design elements.

  • Redesign of the corporate design
  • Programming of a new store theme for the Smartstore online store
  • Revision of the product images in the store
  • Search engine optimization
  • Idea and concept for marketing campaign
  • Photo shooting for campaign and product images
  • SEA banner design
  • Social media and newsletter support
Icon Set Design
Corporate Design und Geschäftsausstattung
Kampagne und Shooting
Shop Template Redesign und Optimierung
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