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Long Range Germany is one of the top specialists for outdoor, survival and medic courses, hunting accompaniment, shooting sports and training in extreme situations.

These topics are more current than ever. So that also in digital times one of the "old hands" of the outdoor community, Gilbert, can be found and represented well, we have completely revised the web system, corporate design and corporate image - up to in-depth information, such as tools, suppliers and recommendations. And a lot has happened in terms of content as well. For example, a competition has been created, which we will accompany editorially and via YouTube channel. The "SOFTY23", which means "Survivalist of the Year 23", is a competition in which the outdoor abilities of five male and five female participants are put to the test. We are curious to see how the new face of the Long Range Germany brand will fare. What we can already say: Thanks to the new web system and look, the courses are booked up in no time. Branding under extreme outdoor conditions - we are ready for the next challenge!

  • Corporate designs, redesign
  • Corporate image, development of visual language
  • corporate language
  • Art direction and photo shooting
  • Optimization of image display for new devices
  • New technical structure and relaunch of the website
  • Extended targeting and adaptation to new target groups
  • Campaign planning and control
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