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Film premieres in unusual locations, large screen events supported by an orchestra, summer cinema, drive-in cinema, city festivals - Higher! Bigger! [BIG Cinema] (! - operates from Leipzig nationally and internationally wherever a temporary cinema event in front of a picturesque landscape would like to be bullet-proof and with excellent cinema technology to enchant the audience with dreams, no matter if big or small. As a result, the employees always work with a wider audience and the online presence must promise exactly what will be experienced on site: great cinema right from the start. We have been looking after the specialist in the industry since they were launched over 10 years ago in corporate design and corporate identity development and we accompany new product creations. torpedo motor designed the logo and constantly changing creative annual motifs for posters, advertising campaigns and banners. In addition, we are looking after their B2B industry campaigns and electronic marketing to generate leads to generate new inquiries. In addition, their vehicles and all employees have a uniform vehicle design, T-shirt motifs and a coherent overall appearance that puts the cinema theme in the limelight in an equally glamorous and creative way.

  • Logo design
  • Development of campaigns and annual motifs
  • Design of various poster motifs and print advertisements
  • Concept for vehicle wrapping
Big Design für Big KinoBig Design für Big KinoBig Design für Big Kino

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