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BIG Cinema turns special venues into extraordinary film events. We have been advising the event service provider on the marketing side for over 20 years, so that the company has now risen to become an international brand and the world's largest distributor of Christie® AirScreen® screens and projectors.

Since new mobile devices also require a rethinking of new workflows and a correspondingly functional corporate design, we have further developed the characteristic features of the familiar brand and adapted them to the new era. In doing so, the service chain processes were at the forefront. From the first point of contact of the potential customer with the brand, to the perfect cinema event, it is a long way and everything must work smoothly. Our digital marketing concept in combination with the right online advertising strategy in the appropriate channels and the slim web form with a one-click solution makes the booking perfect. The new design of the website and the usual ad formats for ongoing campaign management is state-of-the-art in the industry. With a custom-fit trailer and corresponding key visuals, we send the visitor on a unique customer journey. This has created a highly automated process that makes every event request as dynamic as possible and enables a booking process with minimal processing effort for customers and service providers.

In this way, every customer request can be served with maximum flexibility in the future. Whether it's a 500-person summer cinema, a city event or international film festivals and live events in London or Sydney, BIG Cinema can clarify all needs in advance and make them scalable. All components from the first contact to the completed lead interlock seamlessly here, allowing us to achieve permanent lead success. BIG Cinema can thus maintain its market-leading competence in the future and make every film event unforgettable.

  • Refresh of corporate design
  • Optimization of the visual language for new end devices
  • Website with intelligent inquiry forms
  • Trailer and ad formats for website and events
  • Campaign planning and execution
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