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Germany has been the top dog in the automotive industry for decades. Getting a foot in the door as a newcomer with innovative ideas and concepts is therefore not easy. It requires local expertise and experience, but the effort is worth it, because there are also great opportunities in the Europe-wide competition.

The Chinese start-up AIWAYS provides its concept of an electric SUV in impressive quality for a turnaround in the automotive segment. torpedo supported the Chinese high-tech company in the strategic planning and alignment of trade fair dates and events and thus ensured a lasting impression on the international stage of car manufacturers.

From the precise selection of brand-defining events, to booth planning, to the finished event with all associated assets, and the coordination of all service providers, such as booth builders and event agencies, to the production of give-aways and image films - torpedo planned and administered all the necessary steps to create an all-round carefree package for its Asian partner.

Thus, the company was able to make a name for itself in Germany in record time and establish successful distribution channels and partnerships. It is thus a prime example of a successful cooperation between producers and service providers on an international level.

  • Strategic positioning
  • Planning and construction of exhibition stands
  • Presentation of automotive concepts
  • Give-aways and print products
  • Video presentations and image films in special formats
  • Exhibition stand management
  • Production of social media content
  • Trade show outfits
  • Coordination of booth support
  • Customer meetings and support
  • Coordination of partner meetings
  • Press appointments and interviews
Strategische Positionierung zur IAA auf dem Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof
Messestandentwurf - und umsetzung für den Genfer Autosalon 2020
Messestandplanung und Aufbau zum Genfer Autosalon 2019
Pressekonferenz (von links nach rechts):  Roland Gumpert (CEO Gumpert AIWAYS), Krzysztof Furgała, Fu Qiang (President AIWAYS), Harald Schlegel (CMO Gumpert AIWAYS)
Präsentation automotiver Konzepte
Planung und Umsetzung von Visitenkarten und anderer Give-Aways
Videopräsentationen und Imagefilme in Sonderformaten
Social-Media Content-Produktion
Messe-Outifts und Koordination der Standbetreuung
Internationale Messe- und Promotion-Events for Excellence
Kundengespräche und Support
Koordination von Meetings und Partnergesprächen
Internationale Messe- und Promotion-Events for Excellence
Internationale Messe- und Promotion-Events for Excellence
Pressetermine und Interviews