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A torpedo motor sounds like a new patent for a particularly environmentally friendly bicycle drive, but it is something even better: a communication turbo from torpedo motor for brand development and communication between bicycle providers in the everyday mobility trend of the 21st century. Because where the bicycle is developing more and more, from everyday product to lifestyle object, communication, corporate design and distinctiveness are also in demand.
KYFRAD at KYFHÄUSER is the name of the bicycle specialist who made use of our torpedo motor - for brand building from scratch to the complete rollout of a digital and classic communication presence.
We started with an Identity Workshop to precisely identify the requirements, target groups, customer base and company genes. With these results we then worked out the brand color field, lettering, logos and the entire digital appearance of the company. Corporate Identity The goal and the result was to create everything from a single source. With our Dream Web we gave the bike shop KYFRAD a digital face and a digital voice. With our Campaigning Package we brought permanent presence, the perfect message and contemporary freshness into all digital channels and into the analog world with shop window stickers, letterheads, business stationary and vehicle wrapping. The torpedo motor has been buzzing successfully for KYFRAD since then and it can also give your bike project a lot of propulsion in the future.

  • Name finding and logo design
  • corporate design business cards and stationery
  • web design and development
  • vehicle lettering and window wrapping
  • Facebook and Instagram accounts with consultancy
Das erste Fahrrad der Welt mit Torpedomotor
Das erste Fahrrad der Welt mit Torpedomotor
Das erste Fahrrad der Welt mit Torpedomotor
Merchandise Material
Beratung zur Inneneinrichtung
Workshop zur Markenidentität