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As we started with this extremely special B2B field, we first had to understand the process behind a supermarket shelf. In principle, however, it is very simple. A supermarket without field marketing specialists like FMS is like an airport without ground staff. Nothing works. Everything stands or falls with the timing that these crews set, but you hardly ever see them. We started with product development for the next digital generation of field marketing, which will certainly see the light of day soon. Here it was fascinating what developments and tasks we still have to look at in the sales sector at the shop counter. The second step towards implementation was a web development that demonstrates the capabilities of the young and agile FMS team. We have developed a web system here, which is designed in the B2B area to provide specialist content via newsletter, social media and blogs and to answer questions from this special branch. Ultimately, this web system, with an attached push routine for online marketing, carries the concentrated expertise of FMS to the outside world. A really exciting field. It is worth subscribing to the newsletter.

  • Web design and programming
  • Newsletter design, programming and distribution
  • Online marketing on Facebook and Instagram
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