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There are also real experts in cabinet construction. The company [Rotstahl] ( is one of them. The cabinets from Rotstahl are particularly popular with Germany's fire brigade control centers. If the brigade is called, every second counts. This is achieved through clarity and a tailor-made arrangement of compartments, flaps, doors and shelves. The construction of steel lockers, cabinets for the fire brigade and changing modules for schools and fitness studios requires just as much quality obsession and a sense of proportion as the design of the product catalog. Because Rotstahl also serves aesthetic needs for school lockers, upscale fitness studios and company changing rooms, the design of the image folder became a balancing act in conveying quality in function and beauty of the elements. We mastered both well with 3D renderings, when shooting all the cabinets and when designing the product catalog. We also helped with the alignment of the brand strategy for online trading and the refreshing of the corporate design. We’re happy to help.

  • Photo shoot and product photography
  • 3D modeling and rendering
  • Layout and typesetting of the product catalog
  • Revision of the corporate design
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