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The Leipziger Kulturpaten club places companies and specialists who support cultural institutions and artists with know-how and services. We are convinced that culture needs business and vice versa. As a city, Leipzig thrives on business acumen and community spirit! KulturPatenschaft is an ideal mini-strategy in the field of engagement, especially for small and medium-sized companies. And vice versa, the culture and art scene is strengthened and valued by the professional helpers and advisers. The principle is simple: committed entrepreneurs, specialists, freelancers and executives help cultural institutions and art projects practically and personally, but not with monetary donations. Leipzig adapted the idea at the end of 2008 and implemented it as a non-profit and - unlike in Cologne, Hamburg or Berlin - completely independent and financed by the people. The successful Leipzig initiative is now considered a model and has already won prizes: the 2011 Initiative Award for Art and Culture of the cultural foundation of the Free State of Saxony; In 2012 it was named a "Selected Location" in the national competition "Land of Ideas"; In 2014, the cultural sponsors won the City of Leipzig's Agenda Award in the category of companies and initiatives. A nationwide meeting of the KulturPaten was organized by us "Leipzigers" for the first time in November 2012. The concept is interesting for companies because their commitment is clearly defined by the LEIPZIGER KULTURPATE signet awarded to them which means an image boost. In addition, the networking in the city as well as creative and motivational impulses are additional benefits, which are also understood and valued personally by KulturPaten and KulturPatinnen as an enrichment. Torpedo supports the cultural sponsors with a new web design and the programming of the website. The corporate design is also from us and is further developed every year. We always pay special attention to the annual reports, which are published as brochures for the annual patent meetings. This is where Leipzig's cultural scene meets for discussions and delicious kale, and torpedo supports the event with invitation management and supports the design of all advertising collateral.

  • Corporate design and design of all advertising material
  • Web design and programming with Redaxo CMS
  • Layout and typesetting of the annual report brochure
  • Invitation management for the annual patent meeting
  • Sponsoring of agency services for a cultural association
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