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With the ADRENALIN product family, one of the most traditional German oil manufacturers is conquering the motorcycle market. More than 130 years ago, people in Hoya began to deal with lubricants for industry and agriculture, and yes, this company could be seen as a manufacturer of special oils. It was therefore only imperative that CLASSIC shows its know-how in one of the most highly stressed areas in the field of engine oils and lubricants. With the motorcycle oil brand ADRENALIN, especially for highly stressed sports and everyday motorcycles, this has been achieved very well. For example, the ADAC MX Masters has its own team under the name CLASSIC and shows what the ADRENALIN lubricants, cleaning agents and operating fluids from Hoya can do in racing. For such a top product, it was very easy to create an extraordinary product launch campaign. Together with the hip young talents Arnaud Friedrich and Nico Koch, we have developed a unique campaign that shows motorcyclists what a CLASSIC Whip, Wheelie or Scrub is. The campaign works in classic areas, social media and online marketing and impressively shows what the ADRENALIN products can do: "Namely, in the entire system up to three degrees colder", says Steffen Hünecke SHR-Motorsport.

  • several photo shoots
  • managing Instagram and Facebook
  • web design and programming
  • advertisements and posters
  • cooperation with Nico Koch and Arnaud Friedrich
  • web banner design and animation
Shooting mit Nico Koch
Shooting mit Arnaud Friedrich
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