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Sven Gábor Jánszky is one of the most prominent thought leaders and initiators when it comes to exploring new paths, daring new ways of thinking and also transforming breaking rules into creative business areas. New perceptions take effect while assessing what a business idea of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow can be. As a [5-star speaker] ( and motivator, his portfolio is in demand at congresses and in companies, where he challenges existing structures with creativity and questions that perhaps no one has dared to asked before. As a long-term consultant and partner of torpedo motor, it was therefore a matter of course that we developed all elements of the visual language and personality design for him and implemented them in book designs, on the personal website and a speaker brochure.

  • Development of a corporate design
  • layout and typesetting of a book and several brochures
  • design and programming of the associated website
Speakerbroschüre, Layout und Satz