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D®eam Strategy The road to success

“Anyone who has a vision should see a doctor.” This quote from Helmut Schmidt describes it quite well. A good strategy helps you to turn your product or brand ideas into tangible goals rather than visions. This is all the more crucial in times of progressively increasing communication via ever new channels. No matter what you do, the others keep developing. Be smarter than over 63% of German medium-sized companies who do not follow an overarching marketing strategy. Use our skills in strategy consulting for the development and branding of your brand and an effective brand strategy.

6 Steps to D®eam Strategy-Success

Visions workshopIdentify possibilities of your companies development potential

Identity workshopAnalyzing your market position, internal and external view, to-be and actual analysis

Assumption and case setting-developmentDefinition of development opportunities, score system for best practice, analysis and evaluation of possible steps

Experts from economy, business, science, art and cultureDeliberate on plans, out-of-the-box and internal view, evaluate the hypothesis through external experts

Market and futurologyBack up through market research tools, assessment of the thesis through market research and futurology

Perfect base for Dream BrandPreparation and base for best brand development and market launch

D®eam Strategy request

Here you can learn more about our Dream Strategy-package without obligation. We would like to explain everything to you in a personal conversation and start our journey together. Just say "hello" — simply by e-mail to or via the form on the right. Please note that we will process your data for this purpose, which you can read about in detail in our privacy policy.

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D®eam Strategy examples:

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