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Technology can be sexy. From the beginning of our agency history, marketing in the automotive sector has been an integral part. We serve customers from the B2C and B2B business who work for automobile manufacturers and automobile suppliers all over the world. What we are good at is translating the lingo of engineers into the world of entertainment. This enables us to create excellent opportunities and gives us an unbeatable advantage over our competitors. In addition, there is a love of racing, driving fast vehicles, drift training and motorsport. Combined with deeply anchored knowledge in the field of electromobility. We are ready for the new era in mobility.

For the electric super sports coupé we develop the brand design including lettering, corporate design, image folder and product brochures as well as all online communication channels in addition to the website and shop. We oversee all trade fair appearances and manage public relations.

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We develop and support the relaunch of the corporate identity and the corporate website as well as the online marketing concept.

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We bring an auto parts shop to life with a slogan, YouTube campaign and online support. Furthermore we develop the logo, claim and corporate identity and manage AdWords and SEO including online banners.

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This is what I want!

We create the difference between “I really want this” and “I'll think about it”. When advertising cars and automotive technologies, we refrain from long lists and listing single product features. Every product has an advantage that sets it apart. We highlight and emphasize this and communicate it with our service packages:

The road to success
  • Visions workshop
  • Identity workshop
  • Assumption and case setting-development
  • Experts from economy, business, science, art and culture
  • Market and futurology
  • Perfect base for Dream Brand
Corporate Identity
  • Assessment
  • Identity workshop
  • Positioning
  • Communications strategy
  • Corporate Identity guidelines
  • Using the Corporate Identity
  • Presentation
  • Style guide
  • Application guideline & launch
Campaigns for B2B Communication
  • Strategy definition
  • Website optimization
  • SEM advertising banner
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media
  • Lead management
  • Analysis and optimazation

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Get started with your automotive project now. Everything is possible and we make the impossible possible. Do not hesitate to write to us using our form - no strings attached. We only use your data to process your request. You can find more information on this in our privacy policy. Please note that we process your data. Find more about how we use data in our data protection information.

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For the presentation of the new Nathalie models, we take care of the conception, planning and implementation of Roland Gumpert's presence at the trade fair

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For the world premiere of Nathalie, we will organize a launch event and photo shoot on the racetrack

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